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Mean, green Brussels Sprouts

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I have been planning my next garden (aka the mega garden) and have been undecided about the tight little mini cabbage-type greens called brussels sprouts. If selected, they will not be planted until January or harvested until May, but I like to know what’s coming. If it is not brussels sprouts, then I need to pick something else and lock it in so that my plan is nice and tidy!

The taste of a brussels sprouts is not for everyone, but I quite like them. That is, as long as they are smothered in butter, salt and pepper. Not exactly the healthiest option, but definitely a yummy one. These little, mean, green numbers have been playing on my mind, so I thought that a little experiment was in order to see they are good enough to make it into my garden plan.

Not too many flavour combinations came to mind, I must say. However, without opening a recipe book this one did:  salami/chirizo, garlic, butter beans and brussels sprouts. The sprouts were lightly steamed first then pan fried briefly with a little olive oil and the rest of the ingredients. A quick swish around in the pan and hey presto they were ready and smelling wonderful! Not a lot of seasoning is needed, as the salami or chirizo is packed with flavours. The butter beans soaked everything up to take on the most wonderful, buttery flavour that evened out the uniqueness of the sprouts.

This was lunch today and on this recipe alone, the brussels sprout has secured its place in the garden come January 2014, along with the already planned garlic and beans.

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