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Gwyneth comes to dinner

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At some point early this morning, the courier left three packages at our doorstep! The much awaited Gwyneth Paltrow cook books that I ordered.


I have been inspired by Gwyneth’s approach to food for some time – as well as her recipes. Inspired may not quite be the right word; perhaps if I said that she “talks my language” it might prove more accurate meaning. I love the fresh flavours, the simple nature of the recipes, and the fact that they’re packed full of fresh vegetables and herbs. Further, the fact that I can pull most of the ingredients, if not all, from my kitchen garden, pantry or freezer is entirely compelling. And motivational.

A little surprising and disappointing is that the recipes and other content of My Father’s Daughter and Notes from my Kitchen Table are exactly the same. I am hoping this is a simple mistake that can be remedied, otherwise the joke is on me! Regardless, I will enjoy devouring these books – and the meals that will subsequently be produced – and am in no doubt that I will find a happy home if the books are indeed duplicates.

I am already thinking about her white been soup two ways (with kale or french onion style), the roast chicken rotisserie style, maple-dijon roasted winter vegetables. It’s not lost on me that, if I simply add her version of the seasonal crumble, hey presto, we have three courses for a hearty winter feast!

If you’re keen to try some of the recipes that Gwyneth and her friends are making, head on over to Gwyenth’s site and scroll through the many delicious ideas on offer there for free.

Now, to find space on my shelves for these little beauties …

One thought on “Gwyneth comes to dinner

  1. Turns out, one book was distributed under different titles to different parts of the world. However, a big thanks to Book Depository UK for resolving my issue quickly. Nice work – and nice prices!

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