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Mushrooms with chilli, herbs and butter beans

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It must be perfect weather for growing toad stills here at the moment. There are quite a number growing quite well around the base of our oak trees and in the shelter of the flaxes.

P1040042  P1040043  P1040039

Every time that I see them, it makes me crave mushrooms. Mushrooms for lunch it is!

Mushrooms with chilli, herbs and butter beans

Chop mushrooms, fresh chilli, spring onions and add to a pan with enough olive oil to lightly cook. Also add butter beans, tarragon (such a great mushroom partner), parsley, salt and pepper. Cook on a medium heat until the mushrooms have only just cooked through. At this point, I add one of my hero ingredients, Magical Mushroom Essence, for extra mushroomy flavour (also great for adding a creamy, earthy taste to risottos and pasta salads). Finish it off with a squeeze of fresh lemon. Yum!

Mushrooms are definitely a staple veg in this house, but they are one of the few that are not on my kitchen garden list. I’ve found this great website with information and mushroom growing kits, so I will investigate!

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