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Crime against beauty

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I committed a selfish crime against my pretty little flower garden this morning, although it was for a good cause. There it was, all young and innocent and proudly sprouting its first bursts of colour – exactly what it was supposed to do. But, it is time for it to grow up (and out), so some tough love was needed.

I have known for some time that plucking lettuce, rocket, spinach and herbs from time-to-time encourages plant growth, but it was much harder applying the same logic to my pretty little flower plants, not so much as a month old yet. In fact, whipping the buds and flowers off never even occurred to me until a trusted plant advisor (my aunt) suggested that I essentially do the same to encourage my young flower plants.

So, heavy hearted, I made my usual trip out to the garden this morning and pinched the blooms and new buds off. I did it quickly – like tearing a band aid off a wound – so that, before I had time to think about it, it was done; too late to go back.

Anyway, it turns out that putting this lolly mixture of colour into a pretty little glass dish on my desk has lessened the trauma, for me anyway. After all, I am a big fan of cut flowers in pretty vases.

It’s criminal, really. But the bees and my kitchen garden will thank me for it later.

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