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Thai-inspired chicken soup


Well, I looked at my garden this morning and thought, “what exotic lunch could I make with you?” The answer that I came up with as Thai-inspired soup.

Thai-Inspired Chicken Soup

From the garden:  Lemon grass, capsicum, chili, spinach, spring onion, young celery, chives and coriander. Other ingredients:  cooked chicken, noodles, white onion, water, mystery-Asian stock cube, palm sugar, shrimp paste, fish sauce and mushrooms.

The time (all 5 minutes of it) was in the chopping of the vege and bringing the pot to boil. If you are like me and a bit unsure of how to prepare fresh lemon grass, watch this great vid.

Hot, sweet, sour and spicy! Delicious and great food for the soul!

5 thoughts on “Thai-inspired chicken soup

  1. Sounds very exotic! I’m making chicken veg soup tomorrow since it’s going to be a rainy cool day here in Canada.
    Thanks for visiting my blog. Come again soon!

  2. Looks good. Love these sorts of recipes – fresh, tasty, healthy and delicious… most of it from withing arms-length of your back door.

  3. I should add that I found the soup quite satisfying, which says a lot since a good friend had emailed a detailed description of her yummy fish and chips dinner just prior to preparation!

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