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It’s Alive!


I guess that’s a bit dramatic, however I am so excited that my garden is still going through its first autumn and winter! Yes, growing has been slow – but there is growing, and that is the main thing.

The one year anniversary of my all-year-round vege patch occurs at the end of September, as that is usually when I plant my seedlings in preparation for harvesting over summer. This time last year, I wasn’t even thinking about my garden. The first day of spring would usually bring the first inklings of excitement and planning of what would take root come “planting weekend”.

Well aren’t things quite different this year. Let me take you through what’s currently in the patch and growing:

Most of these little beauties are from seedlings sewn and grown at home, rather than shop bought. That is, excluding the Kale (I have seeds now), Broccoli ($1 for six!!) and some of the Silverbeet, which was again a real bargain and I didn’t have seeds at the time.

The carrot-pea companion planting was not planned, however it appears that these two work together. Hurrah! More space for something else! (Mental note to self:  remember to put those little named sticks in when sewing directly into the vege beds.)

There are a few things that I could get away with plucking. The older Spinach would relish a few leaves snipped here and there; the larger Silverbeet leaves could be taken; and we have already eaten two of the six pallet Cos Lettuces. The mint (not shown) and other herbs are thriving and can be used any time – the more often the better, it seems, for encouraging growth.

That brings me to the only failure of the autumn/winter garden. Well, one failure and failure-turned-victory. Lesson one:  onions do not like to be planted in pallets (at least not mine). Lesson two:  after three years of failing to grow celery, simply curse it, throw it to the wolves (aka the informal compost pile) and it will thrive while you leave the country for three weeks. Go figure.

4 thoughts on “It’s Alive!

  1. Hi from a fellow square-foot gardener! Your post inspired me to learn how to make my own gallery. I found it interesting that you label your plant, “coriander”, rather than “cilantro”. Do you use it only for the seed? I just learned that cilantro became coriander when it goes to seed! Everything looks great! Can you really garden year round?

    • Hi there. I use a lot of coriander/cilantro in Asian-inspired cooking and in salads. I confess that I thought the names were interchangeable, but I must look that up. I have just started collecting its seeds for cooking and planting. We can grow a good number of plants all year around, but I have to account for the change in sun/warmth, and copious amounts of rain at times. Growing is slower, so I haven’t quite got it right when it comes to a sustainable supply of veg all year around. Still trying!! I’m a new-start to square foot gardening and am experimenting with string – I see that you use string too! I have a lot more in the garden now, so am interested to see how it grows. Thanks for your interest!

  2. Greener than green. Am forwarding this post!

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