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Spring delivery


Excitement! My first online order of seeds have arrived from POD Easy, Edible Gardening! Thanks go out to NZ Ecochick for making me aware of the special:  buy $25 or more of seeds and receive 5 free packets of flowers and 5 free packets of vegetables. This is 5 free packets more than POD’s usual offer.

A great opportunity to replenish the staples that are getting low; like broccoli, lettuce, carrots, radish, spinach and beetroot. To my joy, they made sure that I received no double-ups with the freebies sent my way.

The free flower varieties are excellent additions to my already established bee garden:  dianthus, sweet pea, aster, phlox and portulaca. More coincidence than careful planning, these varieties do not double up with the marigold, lobelia, alyssum and pansy seeds that I bought last weekend and are already shooting up in the hot house cabinet.

There’s just something about plain brown paper packaging that make these little beauties sing to me. I cannot wait to get them into my seed trays!

2 thoughts on “Spring delivery

  1. Thanks for the shout out. I;m super glad you made use of this amazing deal. Aren’t they an amazing team? Enjoy and happy growing Mx

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