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Spring is sprung


It feels like spring has been with us for some time, in some form or another. It’s the milder winter weather, the more frequent sunny days; or the daffodils showing and the blossom exploding from fruit trees. However, this week is officially the start of spring and it is a wonderful prelude to the ever-warming weather that leads us into summer.

Spring heralds one of the busiest times for most vege garden enthusiasts, especially if you usually cop the odd (or more frequent) frost or snow fall and cooler climes up until now. If you are like me, your bulbs are up, your peas and broad beans are flowering, and the honey bees are coming back into your garden. Your hothouse or similar contraption may be in use already or just coming to life; with seed trays packed and being watched for the first sign of bent green necks pushing up dirt. It’s a struggle to hold off the excitement of planting them out when they do sprout, but wait until they are truly strong enough to survive an unexpected cold snap.

If you have had a garden in over autumn and winter, you will notice greater growth in your plants as they respond to the improved weather and warmth in the soil. Remove any nearby foliage that is unnecessary and hindering sun from warming your plants if they benefit from it and be sure to watch the weather report to know when to add additional cover for your most vulnerable seedlings.

Take a few snaps of your garden during spring, so that you can look back on your good work and see the changes in your garden. Plant some Swan Plants for Monarchs and Sunflowers to feed the birds; they will brighten up your vege space and make you smile.

This is what the first week of spring looks like at our place:

Spring is sprung
Da grass is riz
I wonder where dem boidies iz
Da little boids is on da wing
Ain’t dat absoid
Da little wings is on da boid?


2 thoughts on “Spring is sprung

  1. Love all the pics .. fab. And thanks for the intro to ecochick too!

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