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Nesting with style

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In honour of the start of spring and New Zealand Fashion Week, here’s a neat little idea for the wild birds in your life. Supply them with easily accessible nesting materials – the more colourful, the better!

I stumbled across the idea here and found a suet cage, which would normally hold moulded fat and bird seed blocks, on offer at my local bird/fish/plant shop. If you are resourceful and have a bit of mesh lying around the shed, you could likely make one up for yourself in a flash.

Pack it with cotton wool, short lengths of ribbon, wool, string, straw and any other bits and pieces that you think will make excellent nesting materials for your feathered friends. Keep watch for a few weeks to see if the supply dwindles, then hunt around your garden to see where the pretty scraps have been put to use in creating charming nests. The odd ribbon or length of colourful string may even make it into your neighbours’ trees, spreading the spring time cheer.


We’re a little short on tall, branching trees in our garden, but the sparrows, fantail and finches seem to like this little spot under a New Zealand native. The nesting cage joins the hanging bird feeder and the make-shift bird bath. The ensemble was recently discovered by a group of hungry sparrows, who have kicked, scuttled and eaten nearly a whole bag of bird seed out of the feeder. I may have to switch to those suet and seed moulded feeders to slow the little blighters down!

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