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Viva la envelope!

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How many envelopes do you receive each week? I think that we must average between 10 to 20 at our house, even though we have moved to electronic statements where we can. It’s really easy to bin them or burn them, but in the spirit of reuse, recycle and re-purpose, I say “long live the envelope” and have down-sized mine to make excellent little seed packets!

This little idea takes care of almost half of an envelope, but then you still have the other half, which may or may not have a window. A quick search on the internet unearths some fabulous ideas. So inspired, I whipped up this bookmark found here in a couple of minutes by simply snipping out two windows, pasting them back to back with a couple of dried pansies from my garden, punching a hole and tying a ribbon!


These are a few of the ideas that I liked the most. They’re going onto my to-do list – and the blogs are going onto my reader! Clicking the headings or images will take you straight to the source.

Recycled Envelope Pocket Books

Inside-Out Envelopes

Small Folded Paper Envelopes (like gift bags – great for giving gift vouchers)

Recycled Labels


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