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There’s been a … harvest!


It’s time for a confession: I would rather look on lovingly at my well-stocked, heaving vegetable garden and never harvest anything. There, I’ve said it. Yes, it is a curse and this line of thinking may possibly contravene some unwritten law for vege gardeners. However, the only thing that eventually motivates me to harvest is the thought of losing my fleshy beauties to time, where they can be taken out by some stealthy suspect like rot or going to seed.

Sure, I feel as proud as all-get-out when I finally will myself to slice up a basket full of fresh goodies that I’ve grown myself, but the elation usually pales in comparison to the aesthetic pleasure that a full garden delivers to my visual senses.

Times, however, seem to have changed just a little around the scene here recently, as I have been entertaining near-murderous thoughts of the many ways that my leafy greens could meet their maker. Then, I finally found the motive:  Silverbeet, Feta and Pinenut (filo) Roll by Annabel Langbein. The opportunity: right before the raging winds that we had the other day, which I thought could flattened the tallest stems anyway.

I believe that my desire to maintain year-around produce through succession planting has changed this offender’s modus operandi. Now, the only thought more devastating than whacking something in my garden is the thought of my innocent seedlings outgrowing their little punnets. They need the opportunity to reach their potential in the garden and I need my ongoing supply for kitchen and pantry. Ergo, this requires space and elimination of those specimens whose time is up!

So, recipe and basket in hand, I happily unsheathed my garden knife and carved my way through the stems of spinach, two or three varieties of silverbeet and curly kale. For some reason, whacking herbs does not bother me as much, so I snatched some thyme and chives on my way out to add some additional flavour. Here’s the evidence:

9 thoughts on “There’s been a … harvest!

  1. Oh Look at all those fantastic greens.. wow.. you grow similar greens to mine and i am at the end of the season.. but mine are not nearly as pretty. we have insect troubles at the end of summer. How wonderful that we have such similar blog names and both new zealanders, I love looking at the garden too.. then I love to eat it.. have a glorious day.. c

  2. Hey Angela, I used to be like that with my garden. I used to stand and stare at it lovingly … or was it gloating! ha ha Love Annabel Langbein …

  3. Just a quick thanks to everyone who has liked this post. I am pleased that you enjoyed it 🙂

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