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New in the garden


After a few nights outside, the latest batch of seedlings made it out into the garden. Five days later, they’re doing really well and loving their new home.

Among my seedlings were a few little experiments:  coriander, radish and basil seedlings that I had grown in egg cartons. The thinking behind this experiment was to get a head start on a few varieties that didn’t like the cold or didn’t appreciate being moved once they had began to grow. Although it was simple to grow them in the cartons and they would biodegrade over time in the soil, I found it really fiddly and don’t like seeing the little grey cardboard mounds that still remain above ground. Next time I might try using pressed paper rounds, pressed peat moss disks or even toilet rolls instead.

When I was out in the garden, I found that my dwarf beans were not so dwarf and had begun to fall over on top of each other. So, I pulled them out carefully and replanted them in the same place as my broad beans. This will provide them with more protection from wind and give them a structure to grow up within. I was amazed at the fantastic root growth that they had already and made sure that their new home was dug deep enough to allow them to stretch out.

I also saved a silverbeet, basil, spinach, rocket and a couple of different lettuce seedlings to give to a friend up the road who planted them in a pot to grow, so that she can pick her own greens in the near future.

And all the while that I was in the garden, two beautiful, bright Monarch butterflies flitted around enjoying the warm sun on their wings and laying eggs on my swan plants for the next batch of Monarch caterpillars. It was delightful and what I have been working towards.

It was a beautiful sunny day and my seedlings had been out enjoying some sun. If I was to do the day over, I would have left them in the shade until I was ready to plant them, that way they would not have been so limp. However, it did not seem to bother them and they are thriving in their new home.

2 thoughts on “New in the garden

  1. Isn’t it fab getting the seedlings into the ground. You are way ahead of me! Great use of egg cartons. 🙂

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