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Greek salad and lamb burgers

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My go-to cuisine when I feel like detoxing or loading up on fresh vege is Mediterranean. Last night it was Greek style salad with lamb burgers – yum! Quick and easy to rustle up with most of the making in the preparation – or chopping, to be more precise.

Chop cucumber and mint, add unsweetened yoghurt and a dash of smokey paprika and lemon, and you have a delicious accompaniment for blackened lamb burgers. My lamb burgers had a touch of mustard powder and more smokey paprika (of course), were sprayed with olive oil and quickly cooked on a hot skillet.

Pick and wash a variety of salad greens (and don’t forget bean or pea tendrils, about-to-seed spinach flowers, and young beetroot leaves) and thinly slice radish over the top for a little kick. Add feta (goat’s, in this case), olives, tomato and sweet red onion. Drizzle olive oil and lemon juice for a light and fresh dressing, and then serve with toasted ciabatta, buns or whatever bread component you fancy. A little garlicky humus is also nice to add some additional flavour – homemade, of course.

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