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Water, water everywhere

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Oh what a glorious sight to behold! My do-it-yourself irrigation system, watering my veges twice daily. We’re on tank water, so it is the best noise hearing the pump turn on – previously, that sound would have me hunting around the house for a rogue dripping tap! We have two large tanks for just the two of us, so there is plenty of water to go around.

Automated irrigation has been on my list of things to do for some time. Actually, years – the proper stuff, that is. Not the ad hoc apparatus I have thrown together; odds and ends of hoses crossing over themselves in zig zag fashion to cast water here and there. Now that the structure of my garden has been finalised, I have installed a more permanent system that seems to be working just fine.

I have had an automated timer for about 11 years and luckily for me, it still seems to be working well. I once used it to keep my lawn green when I lived next to the seaside and since then it has been packed away. We didn’t need it for the five or so years that we lived among cow grass in a rural part of Waikato. That stuff could grow on the moon!

The timer is set for twenty minutes every 12 hours at seven. This avoids the hottest times of the day and should mean that enough water is delivered to keep the ground just-soaked through. There should also be enough warmth and breeze at there times to avoid mold and mildew around stems and lower leaves.

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