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Fruit smoothies ready to go

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I love a good smoothie, whether it be fruit or vege based. The upside to smoothies is that they’re easy to make, can be packed full of goodness and are easy to consume whether you are relaxing or on the go. A downside is that it can be tricky to have the right ingredients on hand at the time when you want them – especially if the ingredients are out of season.

Caralee from over at the Real Food Pledge posted a fantastic idea on her Facebook page to chop, bag and freeze fresh smoothie ingredients for quick and easy smoothie making. As soon as I saw this, I knew that it was for me. Here’s what are in my smoothie freezer bags:


Avocado, peaches, blueberries, strawberries and banana

The very next day I whizzed one up from frozen in my blender with rice milk and natural yoghurt. It  it made a delicious and creamy fruit smoothie and quite filling thanks to the banana and avocado. I had it for lunch, so bulked it up with a scoop of protein powder. A lighter version can be made without the protein powder or by using water instead of milk or milk substitute.

You can make a delicious frozen yoghurt snack by freezing it, which is what I did and enjoyed it the following day.

IMG_2676 sml

You may have seen my earlier post Two ways with Spinach, Silver beet and Kale, where I blended and froze fresh leafy greens in mini muffin trays to make my yummy green vege smoothie super fast and all year round. Well, this is a great way to do the same with fruit.


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