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IMG_0918So, I live in the Far North of New Zealand and like to grow (and eat) vegetables. I am no expert, but I am keen .

Until recently, I was only interested in growing vegetables. I preferred my flowers cut and presented nicely in a vase. I still do, however I have come to appreciate that they attract and feed the bees that many of my vege plants need when it comes to fruiting and propagating. So growing flowers to feed bees is now on the agenda.

I come from a long line of excellent vegetable, fruit and flower growing stock, so technically, it should be genetically simple for me to make a decent go at it. With only a few years of herb and vegetable growing experience under my belt, I am branching out on a grander scale to grow enough of the staples to supply our kitchen and pantry all year around. That will mean succession planting, propagation and preserving.

Here in the Far North we have long, hot and dry summers and short, mild and wet winters. Not many frosts to speak of and generally great growing weather. So there are no excuses, really, for being able to grow a great number of veg all year round.

Ideally, I will …

Expand my garden to produce our vegetable staples all year round (within reason and the season) to supply our kitchen and pantry.

There will be a few fruit (and maybe nut) trees thrown in for good measure and experimentation, and perhaps a few recipes to record good ideas after harvesting. >If you’re doing something similar or have a tip to share, I’d love to hear from you.


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  1. Hello! This sounds like a wonderful idea, if only I had the room in my Paris flat! I recently read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by American author Barbara Kingsolver about a year of her family’s seasonal eating and farming. I would recommend it!

  2. I’ve nominated you for a Liebster award. Feel free to just thank me and get on with your life, or even ignore me if you want. If, however, you want to participate in this, head over to my blog and read more about it.

    • Hi Brian, thank you for the nomination – that is truly wonderful! I will head over to your blog to thank you personally and answer your questions there too. Here are my answers:

      What’s your favorite vegetable?
      Carrots – a yummy, crunchy raw treat (corn is a very close second!)
      Why did you start blogging?
      To create a record for myself and to offer something in return to other inspiring bloggers
      Which of your posts surprised you by being more popular than you expected? You can have more than one answer if you like.
      The post called “It’s getting hot in here” about my Hot House Cabinet.
      Tell me why you were surprised in #3.
      It didn’t get many views at first, as I am new at this. A throwaway comment in a Facebook group had people wanting to know more.
      How has your blog become different from what you initially intended?
      I enjoy trying to make my writing entertaining for people and I like to put more photos in for other people’s enjoyment.
      Share a favorite recipe. Simple is OK!
      Green Smoothie – check out the post in May 2013. Blend spinach, broccoli, avocado, apple and water – yum!!
      What’s an awesome but relatively unknown reason people should visit or live in your present or previous hometown?
      We have an amazing restaurant called The Italians, run by Denise and Caesare. It would be hard to live with out it now!
      Where would you like to visit, but never have?
      The Beatles or the Rolling Stones?
      Rolling Stones
      What’s your favorite book?
      Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales. I haven’t touched it since childhood, but I still remember the sense of foreboding and excitement it gave me.

  3. Hi Angela, haven’t had the chance to check out all of your blog, but from what I see it looks great. I am in Northland, not as far as far north, only Kaipara 🙂 and in order to extend my season I got an indoor growing area……especially good in crazy weather like what we having now……I am not much of a writer, but I will upload photos or tips that I discover on the way 🙂

    • Hi Dina, nice to meet you and hear a bit about your garden. We’re lucky to have a longer growing season up here and I too will be using a poly tunnel next autumn to stretch mine out year-round. I’m looking forward to seeing your photos 🙂

      • we are lucky but the weather is changing so much. it is a ‘silly season’ i was told (for the last 10 years). indoor gardening does extend the season alright but brings other issues to consider: different soil and different deseases………mine is not air tight so it is not all year around but very close too 🙂

  4. Thank you for stopping by my blog.

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