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My Garden

I love to see how other people set up their gardens and watch them as they grow and change. Here is more about my garden, in case you like that too.

Garden view

1 November 2013

Our property is on a small hill that looks directly north over a river. My vege garden is situated on an unused terrace on the east side of the house, which curves around and faces north and then north east as it curls around the section. During the winter, the terrace is sheltered from frosts, heavy rain and winds, and receives the sun from early morning until mid-afternoon. During the summer, it’s sheltered from winds and receives sun from early morning to early evening; with some shade during the mid-day sun.

The terrace is surrounded by native New Zealand plants, including three good sized manukau (tea tree) trees, which flower most of the year and attracts hardworking bees for pollination. To feed the bees and birds, I am planting more and more flowers and trees that they like.

I am keen to grow the staples that we enjoy, as far as berries, citrus, herbs and vegetables go; and to be able to grow as many of these staples as I can all year around. See more here.

Check out these posts for a picture tour of my vege garden, fruit plants, flowers and herbs:

Garden Tour – 1 November 2013

Garden Tour – 25 August 2013

Garden Tour – 28 May 2013

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